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[2021 산림·임업 전망] 떫은감·밤·대추 생산량 지난해보다 늘듯

[2021 산림·임업 전망] 떫은감·밤·대추 생산량 지난해보다 늘듯
This news article has been translated to English.
Dried Jujube
South Korea
Environmental Issue
Chestnut Kernel
Pome (Core)
Jan 25, 2021
From Nongmin
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Chestnut production is expected to be 45,116 tons, up 14.5% from the previous year. Assuming similar weather conditions as in the previous year, production, which declined by 15% due to abnormal weather last year, is expected to rise again. However, the mid- to long-term production outlook is dark. Chestnut production is expected to gradually decrease due to problems such as aging farmhouses and chestnut trees. Consumption is also expected to decline gradually due to a decrease in household demand and an increase in consumption of other fruits. Chestnut consumption per capita continued to decrease from 1.6 kg in 2006 and fell to 0.9 kg last year. Jujube production is also expected to increase by 40% compared to last year, recording 9982 tons, similar to the average year. However, as more and more cases are giving up jujube cultivation due to the aging of farmers and product conversion, it is predicted that production will go downhill in the mid to long term. In fact, it was found ...
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