40.92% of the hectares planted in Peru are insured

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Published Nov 30, 2023

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Approximately 41% of the hectares planted in Peru are insured, with Catastrophic Agrarian Insurance covering 40.29% and Commercial Agricultural Insurance covering 0.63%. Both insurance policies are aimed at small-scale farmers with a maximum of 10 hectares, which make up the majority of farmers in the country. The insurance coverage includes protection against climatic events, pests, predators, and diseases, and compensation has been given to farmers affected by natural phenomena, with over S/ 155 million distributed to date.
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( 40.92% of the hectares planted in Peru are insured, since it has some type of insurance, said the deputy manager of Agrarian Insurance of La Positiva, Lourdes del Carpio Gómez. He detailed that of the total hectares planted in Peru, which amount to 4,155,678 (according to the IV National Agricultural Census of 2012), 1,674,480 hectares are insured with Catastrophic Agrarian Insurance (SAC) in the 2023/2024 campaign, which which represents 40.29%. This insurance is 100% subsidized by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) and the insurance companies are La Positiva and Rímac. Likewise, he said that 25,966 hectares (which represents 0.63% of the total hectares planted) have Commercial Agricultural Insurance in 2023. In this insurance, 80% of the premium is subsidized by Midagri and the remaining 20% is assumed by the insurance. . Both insurance policies are aimed at farmers who have a maximum of 10 hectares of crops, which represent 90.6% of all ...
Source: Agraria
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