Turkey: 42 tons of potato seed support from TİKA to Tajikistan

Updated May 5, 2021
In the second phase of the project, it was stated that the remaining 2 tons of seeds were used in trial planting in three regions. It is aimed to determine the most suitable potato seed species for the country and to bring the most productive varieties to Tajikistan with trial cultivation. In the third phase of the project, 3 potato planting machines supplied by TIKA were delivered to Tajikistan Ministry of Agriculture officials in order to ensure that the test planting was carried out under the most suitable conditions. In the last phase of the project, it was stated that an expert from Turkey provided training to both Tajikistan Ministry of Agriculture experts and experts in the cultivation area in order to ensure healthy cultivation, and that support was provided to the planting process in order to do it in healthy conditions and properly. Tajikistan Minister of Agriculture Sulaymon Ziyozoda Rizoi, Turkey's Ambassador to Dushanbe Emre Zeki Karagöl and TIKA Dushanbe Coordinator ...
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