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Turkey: 50 lira expectation in new season hazelnut prices

Yeni sezon fındık fiyatlarında 50 lira beklentisi
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May 13, 2022
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In Ordu, which is one of the most important livelihoods of the Black Sea Region and ranks first in Turkey with an annual hazelnut production of approximately 200 thousand tons, the producers' struggle against pests continues. It has been stated that while hazelnuts, which provide approximately 2 billion dollars of foreign currency inflow throughout Turkey, are purchased in the free market in Ordu, in the band of 35-37 lira, the price expectations of the producers for the 2022 season are in the band of 50 TL.
Arslan Soydan, Member of the Board of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey, said that the producers continue their work in the fight against hazelnuts despite the increasing costs. Soydan said, “Busy days have started in hazelnut product, which is one of the most important agricultural products of the Black Sea Region. These days, our producers continue to work on the fight against powdery mildew disease in hazelnuts and on fertilization. Our producers are taking the necessary precautions, and after the next few days, the fight against 'hazelnut worms' in hazelnuts will begin. In fact, our producers are waiting for difficult days and important works until our producers come to the hazelnut threshing.” “The expectation of our producers is in the 50 TL band” Soydan said, “Recently, the costs of fertilizers and pesticides and labor costs have increased significantly” and continued as follows: “Despite these high costs, hazelnut producers in our region are still doing their ...
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