70% of Germans and French are unaware of Iberian ham compared to greater knowledge of Serrano ham

Published May 23, 2024

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A study by Ipsos Digital for the Interprofessional of Iberian Pork (Asici) has revealed differing levels of awareness and knowledge about various hams among Germans, French, and Spaniards. The research indicates that while a significant majority in Spain is familiar with Iberian ham, alongside Parma and Bayonne hams, this is not the case in France and Germany, where Serrano ham is more well-known. The study also highlights variations in how these countries perceive and purchase these hams, with price and availability being key factors. Additionally, it points out the growing importance of sustainability and animal welfare in consumers' decisions, which Asici's president, Raúl García, views as a positive development, given the alignments of these aspects with the rearing of the Iberian pig.
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Nearly 70% of Germans and French say they are unaware of Iberian ham compared to a majority (more than 74%) who do know what Serrano ham is, according to a study carried out for the Interprofessional of Iberian Pork (Asici) by the platform Ipsos Digital. Italian Parma ham is also known in these markets: more than 75% of those surveyed claim to know it in this study, the results of which were presented this Thursday in Madrid by the director of Public Opinion at Ipsos, José Pablo Ferrándiz. French Bayonne ham is recognized by the vast majority of French people (91%) but in Germany it is hardly relevant (13%). The study, with a survey of 1,000 participants, has asked Spanish consumers, all of whom claim to know Iberian; 91% know the mountain; 16%, that of Parma and 11%, that of Bayonne. The main factor on which Germans rely to differentiate Iberian ham from other types of ham is the flavor (68%), as in Spain (78%), while in France it is the origin (57%). Regarding knowledge about ...
Source: PEefeagro
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