About 70% of winter rapeseed hybrids on the Ukrainian market do not have resistance to pod cracking

Published May 24, 2024

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Approximately 70% of winter rapeseed hybrids in Ukraine lack resistance to cracking, leading to significant crop yield losses due to adverse weather conditions like heavy rains or hail. However, hybrids with genetic resistance to cracking can prevent up to half of these losses. Artem Yuryev, product manager for Limagrain Ukraine, highlighted that all their company's winter rapeseed hybrids have this resistance, offering a form of crop insurance.
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Cracking of winter rapeseed pods under adverse weather conditions is often the cause of a significant shortage of crop yield. The problem is quite widespread in Ukraine, because about 70% of winter rapeseed hybrids on the market of Ukraine do not have resistance to cracking. Artem Yuryev, product manager for the development of grain crops and winter rapeseed of the Limagrain Ukraine company, told about this in the article: "Winter rapeseed: how to choose hybrids for different sowing dates, optimal row spacing and sowing rates, resistance to major diseases." "Very often at the end of the growing season, messages come from different regions. They said that everything was normal, the rapeseed showed a good yield, they had already begun to count the money, how much they could get, but then in the last days before harvesting, it rained, there was hail in some places, and cracking began. As a result, from the expected 4-5 t/ha, we got 3-3.5 t/ha," says the expert. In the case of heavy ...
Source: Superagronom
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