Further promoting extra-regional trade is the challenge of the Central American dairy sector

Published Feb 26, 2024

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A report by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) suggests that the Central American dairy sector, supported by over 245,000 producers, needs to promote extra-regional trade and improve basic services such as road infrastructure, rural electrification, and technical assistance. The industry faces sustainability challenges on social, environmental, and economic fronts. The report also emphasizes the need for easier access to credit for investments in production, marketing, processing, and refrigerated transportation. Despite these challenges, the sector achieved dairy product exports worth $458 million in 2021.
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The Central American dairy sector faces the challenge of further promoting extra-regional trade, warned the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). The main destination of exports is the intraregional market itself, with a share of 78% of total sales, says the report prepared by Adriana Campos and Alejandra Díaz, IICA specialists in Trade and Agricultural Health, respectively. The report highlights a series of challenges facing the dairy industry in terms of social, environmental and economic sustainability, in order to promote international trade in the region. It also suggests that at the level of basic services, it is a priority to have advances in adequate road infrastructure, rural electrification, connectivity and greater coverage of technical assistance, which could increase productivity, profitability and the modernization of production processes. In the Central American region, the dairy sector is supported by more than 245,000 producers, mostly ...
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