Thailand: ACT upgrades fresh durian collection and packing plants to standards, increasing export value

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Published Mar 3, 2024

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Thailand's Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has introduced new standards for inspecting and receiving durian at collection and packing plants. The standards, which include training and data recording for follow-up inspection, aim to ensure the selection of ripe durian fruit, thereby guaranteeing high quality for both domestic and export markets. This move is expected to enhance the popularity of Thai durian globally and contribute to the sustainable growth of Thailand's economy.
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The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has announced agricultural product standards regarding principles of practice for inspecting and receiving durian results for collection and packing plants. (กส.9070-2023) to be another important tool to help drive the export of durian in Thailand in controlling the selection of durian to get ripe durian fruit. Its quality builds confidence among consumers in both the domestic market and the Thai durian export market. In addition, the process of cutting fresh durian fruit, selection, and packing of Thai durians is controlled to meet standards. It will help the durians that are sold. Including the exports being of high quality and reliability, this has resulted in the popularity of durian in Thailand being at the top level in the world. Mr. Phisan Phongsapitch, Secretary-General of the National Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards Office (ACAC), revealed that since 2023, ACAC has prepared to create knowledge according to ...
Source: Kasetkaoklai
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