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Spain: Rainfed agriculture will not withstand the high temperatures that are announced, which will result in losses

Problema añadido: La agricultura de secano no soportará las altas temperaturas que se anuncian, lo que se traducirá en pérdidas
This news article has been translated to English.
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May 17, 2022
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Farmers in the province of León are seeing how the high temperatures these days, especially those that are yet to come, together with the lack of rainfall, are deteriorating crops and decimating harvest forecasts. Rainfed crops are not adapted to withstand temperatures around 30 degrees and above in mid-May, when in most cereal-growing areas it has not rained at all since the last days of April.
Rains this past weekend have been sparse and local, and generally have not traversed the Esla to the east, which is where most of the rainfed agriculture is located. ASAJA León anticipates that when the harvest begins in a month and a half, there will be losses that will lead to classifying the harvest as bad or very bad, perhaps similar to that of the last year of drought, which was 2019. Affected are all winter cereals -with a better forecast for barley-, and all forages, including alfalfa, vetches, and cereal forage. The expectation is not better for mowing meadows, especially in low and medium mountains. THE PREDICTABLE IS THAT THERE WILL BE SHORT CROPS AT HIGH PRICES While cereal prices are moving in international markets, which are currently very stressed, forage prices depend a lot on supply and demand at a more local level. This scarcity of fodder, in a consuming province also because it is a livestock producer, which also has a market in neighboring autonomous ...
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