Africa has the opportunity to become a global agricultural power

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Published Apr 13, 2024

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The article highlights Africa's potential to become a global agricultural powerhouse, emphasizing its favorable conditions for crop growth, significant agricultural labor force, and vast arable resources. It suggests enhancing infrastructure, like road networks and irrigation, and investing in solar energy to boost productivity and alleviate poverty among small-scale farmers. Despite challenges such as food waste and limited electricity access, Africa is advancing in modernizing its agriculture, evidenced by the opening of a supply chain facility in Nigeria and the initiation of the SAPZ investment program for deep crop processing. Additionally, it mentions a successful initiative implemented in at least seven states within a country, poised for future expansion and potentially serving as a model for regional practices, underscoring the continent's progress and the opportunities for further development in its agricultural sector.
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Today, Africa has the potential to become a global agricultural power. Energy and infrastructure reporter Ben Payton wrote about this in his article in African Business magazine. He argues that most of the continent has good conditions for growing crops, as well as a huge agricultural labor force and plenty of resources for arable farming. Other experts also made important recommendations that will help improve agricultural development in Africa. For example, Fredric Kiyo, head of agribusiness programs at the non-profit African Enterprise Challenge Fund, proposed developing a road network that should make it easier for farmers to transport their products to markets. He cited UN data showing that half of rural Africans take at least five hours to get to the nearest market. The expert also suggested increasing investment in the industry. He calculates that a 10 percent increase in agricultural production on the continent reduces poverty among small farmers by eight percent. However, ...
Source: Rosng
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