African swine fever re-erupts in Vietnam; uncertainty in the recovery of pig farming

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Published Nov 29, 2023

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An outbreak of African swine fever has been reported in Chieu Yen commune, causing consecutive deaths of pigs. The disease has spread to multiple households and villages, resulting in the destruction of over 500 infected pigs. The persistence of the virus in the pig population, lack of disease prevention measures, and ineffective vaccination for sows and boars have contributed to the difficulty in controlling and recovering from the outbreak.
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Re-outbreak of African swine fever In the past month, in Chieu Yen commune (Yen Son) there have been consecutive deaths of pigs. Ms. Dang Thi Van, Tho Son village, Chieu Yen commune sadly said that starting from October 16, 1-2 of her family's pigs stopped eating and had high fever. Thinking that the pig was sick, Ms. Van went to the commune's veterinary pharmacy to buy medicine to treat herself. However, the pig's disease did not progress but got worse. Every day a few pigs, one by one, the whole herd of more than 40 pigs, approximately 3 tons of pigs, leave their cages clean. Dead pigs all have common symptoms of high fever, nosebleeds, and diarrhea. Ms. Van shared that all of her family's capital was invested in raising pigs, but now the epidemic has swept it all away. Also in Chieu Yen commune, 25 pigs of Ms. Ta Thi Quy's family in Quang Son village that were about to be slaughtered also died one after another. Ms. Quy said she could only sell 1-2 pigs, the rest had to be ...
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