After the cancellation of duties, China has already purchased 300 thousand tons of barley from Australia

Updated Oct 3, 2023
Chinese craft brewers welcome the resumption of barley supplies from Australia and expect lower prices for raw materials.
Anti-dumping protective duties on barley from Australia of 80.5%, which had been in effect for more than three years, were canceled by China on August 5. The reason for introducing duties on barley, as well as on wine, was Australia’s demand to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 virus. Improvement of relations between the countries began in 2022. Before the tariffs were imposed, China purchased between 86% and 91% of Australia's barley exports, and Australian raw materials accounted for more than half of China's malted barley consumption. Due to the lack of Australian barley on the market, brewers, including craft ones, had to switch to French or Canadian. At the same time, alternatives of similar quality were more expensive. Today the cost of Australian barley is $350 per ton, French barley is $390. Logistics costs for Australian barley are $25-30 per tonne, while supplies from Europe will cost $35-45. As stated by the Chinese Alcohol Industry Association, the Chinese barley ...
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