Agrarian mobilizations continue in other parts of the world

Published Feb 22, 2024

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Farmers and ranchers across Spain, New Delhi, Greece, Poland, and Paraguay are staging protests to demand improved conditions and legal protections for their work. In India, police used tear gas against farmers marching towards New Delhi. Greek farmers have occupied Athens, calling for tax exemptions and compensation. Polish farmers have caused traffic disruptions with their protests, amid escalating tensions at the Ukraine border. In Paraguay, farmers are distributing free cassava in protest against perceived government neglect, demanding action on the climate crisis and a reduction in the Agriculture portfolio budget.
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As in Spain, farmers and ranchers have continued to be highly mobilized these days in other parts of the world such as New Delhi, Greece, Poland and Paraguay. In India, the police repressed this Wednesday, February 21, with tear gas the farmers who carried out a massive march towards New Delhi to demand legal guarantees for their production, while the Government opened another round of talks to prevent protests from escalating. Protesters trying to make their way to the Indian capital from the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana have been lobbying on the outskirts of the Indian capital for a week to reach an agreement that would establish favorable crop prices. In Greece, several thousand Greek farmers yesterday occupied the center of Athens to demand that the Government meet their demands for tax exemptions and compensation. It was the largest protest since the mobilizations began a month ago. During the mobilization they also demanded the renegotiation of the Common ...
Source: Agropopular
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