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Russia: Agrarians of the Ivanovo region received a record grain harvest in 19 years

Аграрии Ивановской области получили рекордный урожай зерна за 19 лет
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Grain & Cereals
Jan 6, 2021
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In addition, an absolute record was achieved in yield - 24.3 c / ha in barn weight. The gross grain harvest last year amounted to 149 thousand tons, which is 28% more than in 2019, the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation reports. During the reporting period, farmers harvested 15.4 thousand tons of vegetables in open and closed ground - an increase of 9.2%. A record volume of fodder for the last 10 years has been procured - 33 centners of fodder units per standard head of livestock. This is almost a third more than the previous figure. In 2020, the sowing of winter crops on farms increased by 2 thousand hectares (an increase of 10%). A tangible positive result is also observed in the production of berries. In 2020, new areas of strawberry - one hectare, gooseberry - 0.4 hectare, red currant - 0.3 hectare, honeysuckle - 1.8 hectares were introduced. In the Ilyinsky District in 2020, 3 hectares of intensive apple orchards were laid. It is planned ...
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