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Agrarians of Orenburg region in Russia are happy with good grain harvest and are in no hurry to sell because of low price

Updated Sep 26, 2022
The intrigue of the season: will Orenburg manage to reach the psychological figure of 4 million tons of grain this year? Since 2000, such a volume of grain has been harvested only once - in 2017: 4.2 million tons. In the Soviet years, it happened that they collected more, although rarely. But then they sowed much more - 6 million hectares against the current 4. True, more for the report. And the grain was bought in Canada. Be that as it may, this year we have a chance to break the record.
To date, almost 3.9 million tons have been harvested with an average yield of 17.7. And the east of the region is still harvesting. However, the farmers of the Orenburg region today are much more interested in other figures. And they are about implementation. For the second month now, agricultural workers have been in great confusion. And the implementation is not in a hurry. If last year barley cost 15-16 thousand per ton, and rye 12-13 thousand, then this year it is almost twice cheaper. And it is not yet clear how to fit purchase prices, the cost of diesel fuel, spare parts, and the wages of workers into this cost. According to farmers, in order to grow a ton of grain, you need to invest 6-7 thousand rubles. That is, the cost of a ton of grain today is almost equal to its market price. Selling is unprofitable. Those farms that have resources - for example, cattle - are ready to wait for a suitable price for barley and rye. Especially if you have your own warehouses. This is a ...
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