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Published Apr 4, 2024

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The international stock market listings for cereals have shown a moderated decline by early March, with corn and wheat experiencing different market dynamics. Corn's global trade remains balanced due to record production and steady demand, with South American countries and Ukraine playing significant roles, despite logistical challenges. Wheat prices are influenced by Russia's export activity. The European Union sees a decrease in corn imports due to lower demand. Meanwhile, on the Paris Commodity Exchange, corn prices have seen a slight correction, but domestic demand remains unchanged, primarily driven by processors and feed users. Hungary faces challenges in the European grain markets due to rising transport fees and shrinking capacities. Overall, the global cereal market is adjusting to various supply-demand conditions, with technical factors causing some price corrections.
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Original content

By the beginning of March, the trend-like decline in international stock market listings of various cereals moderated somewhat. However, we still cannot speak of a turnaround, since the development of the supply-demand conditions that decisively determine the markets invariably points in the direction of lower prices. In the most recent global forecasts, we could only see corrections of a few million tons in terms of data on harvest, use and stocks. The position of corn continues to show a balanced picture, as the record or near-record production of all major players is accompanied by stagnant or slightly rising demand. While in the case of wheat, the movement of international prices was determined by Russia's export activity in the past period, the key players in the global trade of corn - thus the most important drivers of price developments - were the South American exporting countries and Ukraine. Harvesting is underway in Argentina: the results are good, according to the ...
Source: Agraragazat
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