Al-Nuaimi sheep tops Eid demand in Kuwait; prices hover around KD 100-200

Published Jun 26, 2023

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Kuwaiti local sheep, particularly the Al-Nuaimi breed, are in high demand for the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha. Although they have a high price, many people prefer them for their taste and quality. Despite other options such as hybrid and Australian sheep, Kuwaiti citizens primarily choose local or Saudi sheep due to their familiarity and superior taste.
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Speaking to KUNA, Abdullah Al-Shimmari, a sheep merchant, said that there are different types of livestock in Kuwait, but there is currently high demand for Kuwaiti and Saudi sheep in spite of their high prices. He estimated that local sheep prices range between KD 150 and KD 200, depending on size, age and weight, while Syrian and Jordanian livestock prices are worth KD 110-150 per sheep. However, hybrid and Australian sheep is also available at the livestock market, with prices being estimated from KD 70 to KD 110, but Kuwaiti citizens do not like them since they are not familiar with their taste and they do not even know how they were raised. Al-Shimmari added that local cattle cannot cover the needs of the market owing to high breeding costs, especially feed prices. For his part, Ahmad Al-Rasheedi, also a livestock merchant, said people should have the ability to recognize local sheep just to avoid cheating since some traders tend to sell imported sheep as local ones. He ...
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