Almonds: Forecasts of this year's production and new plantings in Spain

Published May 30, 2024

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Spanish agricultural organizations forecast a 41% increase in the country's agricultural production in 2024 compared to the four-year average, with a 10% rise from 2023. This is attributed to new plantings and an increase in cultivated acres, particularly for almonds. The total cultivated area is projected to reach 5,527,480 acres, with irrigated plantations contributing to reducing the effect of drought. The expansion of organic almond cultivation, which now covers 25% of the total area, is also noted.
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The Farmers' Association (ASAJA), the Coordinating Committee of Agricultural and Livestock Organizations (COAG), the Agri-Food Cooperatives (Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias) and the Association of Nuts and Dried Fruit Producers (AEOFRUSE), jointly announced their estimates for Spanish production tonsillar. According to them, for 2024 Spain's production is expected to reach 125,633 tons. This production is 41% above the average of the last four years and 10% increased compared to last year (2023). Also the Spanish organizations claim that this year we had new plantings and an increase in cultivated acres (3% compared to last year) which amounts to a total of 5,527,480 acres. The new almond plantings took place on 140,000 hectares, which are irrigated, mainly in the regions of Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia. New irrigated plantations in recent years combined with spring rains and the absence of frost have reduced the negative impact of drought impacts on production in ...
Source: Agrotypos
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