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Almost 150 farmers in Rivne region in Ukraine received corn seeds from abroad

Майже 150 фермерів Рівненщини отримали насіння кукурудзи від Bayer
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Maize (Corn) Seed
Supply Yield / Stock Quantity
May 4, 2022
From Kurkul
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Almost 150 farms in Rivne region received corn seeds from abroad. This was reported in Rivne OVA. It is noted that it was provided free of charge by the international company Bayer, which has been operating in the Ukrainian agricultural market for many years. "All seeds are high quality. Therefore, farms in Rivne region will be able to sow part of their area with corn seeds of European selection, "the agency said.
The administration also said that the premises for storing corn seeds and the necessary equipment for its unloading were provided by one of the farms of Rivne district. "Applications for seeds could be submitted by small agricultural producers who cultivate no more than 500 hectares of land, and the number of seeds per farm was not ...
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