Brazil: Amazon receives the first recommendation of rootstocks for Tahiti lime

Published Jun 23, 2024

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Research from Embrapa, Brazil's agricultural research corporation, recommends the early selection of rootstocks for Tahiti acid lime orchards in the Amazon region, potentially benefiting the state of Pará, a major producer. The study, conducted over five years, highlights the importance of rootstock diversification to enhance health, productivity, and sustainability. It suggests using the rootstocks Sunki Tropical, BRS O S Passos, and Citrandarin Indio, with the latter showing promise across the region. The article also stresses the advantages of citrus farming in the Amazon, such as sustainable practices, job creation, and environmental impact, and underscores the region's potential to lead the national citrus industry with the adoption of new technologies and practices.
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Embrapa research recommends the early selection of rootstocks under the canopy for Tahiti acid lime orchards, known commercially as Tahiti lemon or, simply, lemon. The result of five years of studies, it is the first publication from the Amazon with recommendations for rootstock research for the crop, with concrete results for the state of Pará, third place among national producers. Among others, characteristics such as plant height were evaluated; cup volume; number of ripe fruits per plant; total productivity of ripe fruits per plant; accumulated fruit productivity (kilograms per plant); and average productive efficiency. The results confirmed high average production efficiency, considering productivity, stability and adaptability for early selection. The recommendations for Pará are the rootstocks Sunki Tropical, BRS O S Passos and Citrandarin Indio. The latter, with promising indicators for several states in the region. Researcher Fábio de Lima Gurgel, from Embrapa Amazônia ...
Source: CanalRural
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