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Turkey: Hazelnut producers warned on American white butterfly

Fındık üreticilerine “Amerikan beyaz kelebeği” uyarısı
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Raw Hazelnut
Environmental Issue
Jun 3, 2022
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prof. Dr. Sevcan Öztemiz called on hazelnut producers to deal with the American white butterfly pest in a timely manner. Öztemiz emphasized that the time has come to fight against the American white butterfly and that hazelnut orchards should be constantly checked these days. Noting that under normal conditions, butterflies emerge in the first and third weeks of May, Öztemiz drew attention to the fact that they see this pest on fruit trees such as plum and mulberry before the hazelnut.
Noting that this pest can cross into hazelnut orchards at any time and lay eggs, Öztemiz made the following warnings: “The American white butterfly thrives better at 70-80 percent humidity and 22-25 degrees Celsius. In order to find the egg packages of the pest in hazelnut orchards, especially the leaves on ...
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