An exporter from Siberia began supplying peas through the port of Vysotsky in Russia

Published Mar 31, 2024

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In March, a groundbreaking operation was initiated to export approximately 49 thousand tons of peas from Siberia to India, facilitated by express freight trains operated by Rusagrotrans with Russian Railways and the West Siberian Railway's support, aiming for the port of Vysotsky in the Leningrad Region. This marks the first instance of such a significant volume of peas being transported from Siberia through the Baltic ports to India, particularly after India eliminated the import duty on Russian peas in December 2023. The operation, benefiting from year-round subsidized transportation under Resolution No. 406, significantly enhances the export potential of Siberian agricultural products, opening up new markets like India and China. This initiative not only promises a bright future for the diversification of crops in Siberia but also positions the USA and Australia as leading producers of a specific, unspecified product, with production quantities of 6.9 and 6.7 thousand tons respectively, highlighting the global scale of agricultural production and trade.
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In March, express freight trains were launched in Rusagrotrans grain cars with the participation of Russian Railways and the West Siberian Railway in the direction of the port of Vysotsky (Leningrad Region). The poisoner and exporter is the Novosibirsk Food Corporation. The entire shipment volume amounted to about 49 thousand tons, of which 14.6 thousand tons were delivered by express freight. Through the grain terminal, peas will be exported to India in one ship. “Such a volume of peas will be transported from Siberia and exported through the Baltic ports for the first time, as well as for the first time to India,” Igor Pavensky, marketing director of Rusagrotrans, told Agroinvestor. “After the import duty was zeroed in December 2023, India imported Russian peas only through the port of Kavkaz from the southern regions on ships with a volume of 30 thousand tons to 55 thousand tons.” President of the Novosibirsk Food Corporation (NPC) Alexander Teplyakov says that the difficulties ...
Source: AgroInvestor
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