Vietnam: An outbreak of African swine fever appeared in Quang Yen

Published May 20, 2024

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An outbreak of African swine fever has been reported in Quang Yen town, Vietnam, at a household with 12 people and leading to the destruction of 14 pigs. The Agricultural Technical Service Center and the Department of Animal Health have confirmed the disease and are implementing measures to prevent its spread. The town is also imposing checkpoints, disinfecting, and closely monitoring livestock. This is the third outbreak in Quang Ninh province since February 2024, resulting in the death of 37 pigs. The province is not currently participating in an experimental vaccination program against the disease.
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Original content

According to information from the Agricultural Technical Service Center of Quang Yen town, in Tien Phong commune, an outbreak of African swine fever appeared in Mr. Le Van Kham's family, in village 1, Tien Phong commune with 12 people. Diseased pigs (including 1 sow and 11 piglets with the mother) were forced to be destroyed. Previously, since May 14, the pigs at Mr. Le Van Kham's household showed signs of illness, fever, loss of appetite, red skin, suspected of having symptoms of African cholera. Immediately after receiving the news from the people, the Agricultural Technical Service Center of Quang Yen town coordinated with the Department of Animal Health Region II, Hai Phong to test and the results were positive for swine fever. Africa. From this result, Quang Yen town has directed specialized agencies to coordinate in destroying the number of infected pigs according to regulations. At the same time, instruct Mr. Kham's family on detoxification and disinfection measures to ...
Source: Agriculture
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