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Andriy Dykun appealed to the head of the European Parliament's agrarian committee regarding the preservation of the preferential trade regime with the EU for Ukraine

Updated Jan 25, 2023
The reason for the appeal to the Committee of the European Parliament was the statement of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Poland, Janusz Kowalski, regarding the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the EU, at which Poland's proposal to restore customs duties on corn, chicken and apples from Ukraine, as well as strict control of all grain imports, is planned for discussion. from Ukraine. In particular, this applies to technical grain. According to Regulation No. 870, the regime will apply until June 5, 2023. However, its preservation and further continuation is important for Ukraine, because the agricultural sector is a key component of the Ukrainian economy. Before Russia's war against Ukraine, the agricultural sector accounted for 20% of the country's GDP. In 2022, it became the basis of Ukrainian exports and a guarantor of foreign exchange earnings from trade. The agricultural part accounted for 53% of all exports, and the total value of products, ...
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