Animal protein/USDA: US pork exports expected to surpass chicken exports by 2028

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Published Feb 20, 2024

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The USDA predicts a growth in US meat exports until 2033, driven by rising income in other countries and a slightly weaker dollar. Pork exports are projected to increase by over 34% by 2033, overtaking broiler chicken exports in 2028. Chicken exports are also set to rise, reaching 8.07 billion pounds in 2033. However, beef exports are expected to dip to the lowest level in eight years in 2024, and decline further in 2025, before starting to rise again until 2031.
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São Paulo, 02/19/2024 - Exports of the main types of meat from the United States are expected to grow until 2033, the country's Department of Agriculture (USDA) projected in the long term. Annual pork shipments could surpass broiler chicken exports in 2028, which has not happened since 1976, the agency said in a statement. The Department highlighted that the increase in shipments of red meat and poultry products should occur due to the increase in income in other countries and the slightly lower dollar in relation to the currencies of the main agricultural trading partners. In a report, the USDA estimated that US pork exports are expected to grow from 6.95 billion pounds (3.152 million tons) in 2024 to 9.34 billion pounds (4.24 million tons) by 2033, an advance of more than 34%. By 2026, shipments are expected to exceed the record of 7.28 billion pounds (3.3 million tons) set in 2020. The agency highlighted that the country's pork exports surpassed beef shipments in 2004, and are ...
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