Argentina exports a record shipment of citrus

Updated Sep 25, 2021
The Argentine Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAGyP) reported a historic shipment of citrus fruits, which was certified by Senasa. The cargo consisted of 7,300 pallets under deck and another 5,000 pallets in 250 containers on deck. The cargo was shipped to the EU and the Russian Federation, the two main destinations for Argentina's fresh citrus exports.
"The exit of these regional products constitutes a new milestone for our fresh citrus fruit exports, I feel great pride for our producers," said Julián Domínguez, MAGyP leader. The ship left with lemons, tangerines, oranges, pears and walnuts from Puerto Campana in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. "Thanks to the improvements that are being carried out in the phytosanitary certification in the export of citrus fruits and the product of Senasa's joint work with the private sector and with the provinces, the 2021 campaign is developing normally", said Diego Quiroga, director National Plant Protection of Senasa. The team of professionals from the San Pedro and Zárate offices carried out the phytosanitary certification of the 12,260 pallets, representing a total of almost 14,000 tons of fresh citrus. The shipment consisted of 6,405 pallets of lemons, 4,823 of oranges, 860 of mandarins, 166 of pears, plus a batch with 6 pallets of walnuts. The foregoing was carried out in ...
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