Argentina invests 3 million to certify beef and defend its market in the EU

Published Jun 16, 2024

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Argentine beef exporters have invested over $3 million in a certification system to ensure their product does not come from deforested areas, in compliance with EU law effective from January 2025. This system will be applied to over 250,000 farms, with annual satellite image analysis. The Institute for the Promotion of Argentine Beef (Ipcva) believes the EU market for Argentine beef is worth 500-600 million dollars. The EU legislation aims to ensure European consumption does not contribute to deforestation, affecting products like meat, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, soy, wood and paper. Argentina is following a similar certification path with soybeans. In 2023, the country sold around 49,000 tons of beef to the EU, generating $500 million in revenue. The main beef markets were China, Israel, and Germany. Ipcva is focusing on complying with the new regulations and will evaluate the impact on sales and prices after a year.
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Argentine beef exporters have already invested more than 3 million dollars (2.79 million euros) in developing a certification system that guarantees that it does not come from deforested areas, and thus comply with the community law that will come into force on January 1, 2025. These are data from the Institute for the Promotion of Argentine Beef (Ipcva), which estimates its market in the European Union (EU) at around 500-600 million dollars (465-558 million euros). Ipcva sources have detailed to Efeagro that to this investment, supported by exporters, we must add the effort that must be made in "training and adaptation" of the more than 250,000 farms that exist in Argentina, as well as the analysis of the satellite images that must be made every year on all farms. In a recent meeting with journalists in Brussels, the president of the Institute, Jorge Grimberg, emphasized that this four-year effort to respond to European legislation will have to correspond with a price that ...
Source: PEefeagro
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