The Argentine dairy market fell almost 20% after primary elections

Updated Sep 6, 2023
Dairy consumption in Argentina is in clear decline, following the drop in the population's purchasing power. It was already in crisis, but the devaluation after the primary elections, known as PASO (Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries), significantly worsened the situation. Systematic surveys carried out between producers and distributors result in an estimate of a 19% decrease, in line with general consumption data. The local panorama is compounded by the international one, in an industry with globalized values. In fact, the price of dairy products and dairy products that the international market is paying is falling and the outlook is negative for the coming months. With domestic consumption plummeting to this magnitude, the risk of bankruptcy hangs over all players in the Argentine dairy chain.
To continue reading the article, log in with your account or register on MilkPoint. Get access to exclusive content! The perfect storm was forming on the horizon, but the storm clouds that grew every month in the shapes of soybeans or corn didn't allow us to pay attention to the forecast. Today this storm is unleashing on the global dairy sector and in Argentina, in particular, we do nothing but feed it. chinese impact China's economic collapse is just beginning, according to experts. The crisis, which has already had its first manifestation in the real estate market, has been dragging down all other variables. The first effect is a deflationary process that manifests itself in the slowdown in economic growth and could turn into a recession if the correct measures are not taken. This has caused the value of Chinese imports to fall in 9 of the last 10 months, which is obviously reflected in the fact that the dairy sector ...
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