As of January 2024, Bulgaria is fourth in the EU in wheat exports

Published Feb 3, 2024

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Analysts from Strategy Grains predict a decrease in wheat production but an increase in maize and barley production in the EU-27 countries for the 2024/25 marketing year. The EU is expected to export 16.5 million tons of common wheat, with Romania as the largest exporter and Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia as the biggest customers. The EU is also expected to import 4.96 million tons of wheat, mainly from Ukraine. The rapeseed processing capacity in the EU is expected to reach 24.4 million tons per year in 2023, while Turkey has reduced the import duty on sunflower and sunflower oil and set import quotas. Global production for the main cereals is forecasted to reach 2,107.10 million tonnes in 2024/2025.
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In their January report, Strategy Grains analysts forecast a fall in wheat production and an increase in maize and barley for the 2024/25 marketing year in the EU-27 countries, compared with their analysis from December 2023. The International an overview of grain and oilseed markets has been uploaded to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Strategy Grains' January forecast shows EU soft wheat production at 122.70 million tonnes, down 2.10 million tonnes from December levels. The data for corn is 63.60 million tons, where there is a minimal increase of 0.10 million tons compared to the previous month; Barley forecasts are for 53.40 million tons, or an increase of 0.70 million tons on a monthly basis. Even more interesting are the annual forecasts provided by Strategy Grains for the major cereals. Wheat, barley and corn are expected to increase by 3.06% more compared to the 2023/2024 marketing year, or by 8.20 million tons. For the last year 2023/2024, the ...
Source: Sinor
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