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Australian lobster in Vietnam suddenly reduced price

Tôm hùm Australia bất ngờ giảm giá
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Jan 9, 2022
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"Only 6xx for a kilogram of Australian lobster, the cheapest price ever," Hanh, the owner of a seafood store in District 12 (HCMC), advertised on websites for many days. According to her, this is the cheapest price since the beginning of importation. Previously, live Australian lobster was sold for up to 2.4 million VND per kilogram, now it is 1.2-1.4 million VND per kilogram (depending on size). As for suffocating goods (the type of lack of oxygen, exhaustion) should be discounted to sell faster for 690,000 VND. Also confirming that Australian lobsters are cooling down more than this week, Mr. Hoang, the owner of a seafood store in Tan Binh district, said that he is selling 1.35 million VND per kg, down half compared to the same period last year. "This is the lowest level in the past 2 years, even cheaper than Vietnamese goods, but the quality is not inferior," Hoang said. Similarly, a supermarket chain in Hanoi also continuously sells Australian lobsters at a "shocking" price of ...
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