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Dec 13, 2020
From Sohu
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[Compiler/Observer Net Tongli] "Now, how can other countries share China's beef (market) with Australia as much as possible?" When exports of many Australian products to China are blocked, they can only watch the market run off and competitors are ready This made the Australian media jealous. Screenshot of the report On December 11, Australia's "Sydney Morning Herald" posted an article saying that at the China International Import Expo last month, the Argentine Beef Association was ready to "capture Australia's misfortune." Even after 14 days of quarantine, 58 members of the association came to the scene and showed their beef products to customers. “Australia is not unique. At least 60 countries list China as their largest export market. Except for demand. The very big Argentina, as well as Russia, Indonesia, South Korea and Brazil. They all want to get a share of Australia. As Australia is forced to find new customers, other countries are ready to fill the gap in the world's ...
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