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Avocado prices in the international market will remain low until 2027 due to the high supply of the fruit, mainly from Peru

Updated Oct 4, 2022
According to the Census of the Association of Hass Avocado Producers of Peru (ProHass), Peru has 51 thousand hectares of Hass avocado. Of this total, 37,000 hectares were more than 3 years old, while 13,000 hectares were less than three years old, so their productive yield will continue to grow. Agribusiness specialist Ángel Manero said that this means that this year 100,000 more tons will be produced than in 2021, next year there will be another 100,000 additional tons, in 2024 another 100,000 additional tons and in 2025 another 100,000 more tons, that is, the Peruvian supply will grow 20%, 16%, 14%, respectively, each year, while the world demand for said fruit does not grow more than 3% per year.
( In the 2022 campaign, the price of avocado fell considerably in the international market, causing great concern among producers and exporters. However, some consider that this lower price of the fruit is due to circumstantial issues such as the war in Russia and Ukraine or the increase in the price of international freight, so good prices will return next year. However, for the agribusiness specialist Ángel Manero Campos, the drop in the price of avocado responds to a more serious problem such as the oversupply of avocado from various origins, especially from Peru (as he previously stated in, Therefore, despite the fact that in 2023 the price of maritime freight tends to fall, the price of avocados will continue to be depressed. Now, in an interview with Agro NegociosPerú, he explained that in 2021 the Association of Hass Avocado Producers of Peru (ProHass) carried out a census, revealing that the country has 51 thousand hectares of Hass avocado (until ...
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