Avocados and grapes stand out: Peruvian agro-exports total more than US$ 6.6 billion

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Published Nov 30, 2023

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Non-traditional agro-exports in a specific period were slightly lower compared to the previous year, totaling US$ 6,073 million. Avocados, fresh grapes, and fresh cranberries were the top products in the agro-export ranking. The agricultural trade balance had a surplus of US$ 1,851 million, with a decrease in agricultural imports compared to the previous year. The growth of agro-exports was observed in various regions, including Apurímac, Huancavelica, San Martín, Áncash, Arequipa, Ica, Moquegua, and Piura, with different agricultural products driving the growth.
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Non-traditional agro-exports reached US$ 6,073 million, a figure 0.4% lower than that observed in the same period during 2022. The main products in the agro-export ranking were: avocados US$ 953 million (16% share), fresh grapes US$ 689 million (11%), fresh cranberries US$ 607 million (10%), fresh or chilled asparagus US$ 251 million (4.1%) and fresh mangoes US$ 208 million (3.4%). Also highlighted are the placements of animal foods US$ 185 million (3.0%), other citrus fruits US$ 163 million (2.7%), other cocoa beans US$ 150 million (2.5%), frozen mango US$ 111 million ( 1.8%), other varieties of paprika US$ 104 million (1.7%). These 10 products together would concentrate 56% of the non-traditional exportable supply. As of September of this year, the agricultural trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 1,851 million, a figure greater by 0.7% compared to the amount registered in the same period last year, an increase explained by the lower outflow of dollars from agricultural ...
Source: MXfruit
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