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Avocados: The phantom menace in the United States

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Nov 19, 2021
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“Give peas a chance,” urges the British newspaper The Guardian.They mean instead of avocados. An article dated November 1 has the headline “End of the Avocado: Why Chefs Are Ditching the Unsustainable Fruit”.Irish author and chef J.P. McMahon has even called them “the blood diamonds of fruit”.Objections to the admittedly delicious item include alleged unsustainability and exploitation. “Avocados show how wrong our food system is,” says McMahon.
“At the moment, most of the world’s avocados come from Mexico. There are a lot of issues with cartel involvement in the ownership and also the pressure placed on avocado farmers.”The Guardian article said that avocados “have an enormous carbon footprint for a fruit, require up to 320 litres of water each to grow,” and are becoming unaffordable to people who live in avocado growing areas. (A November 8 correction to the article clarified that “a reference in the text to one avocado needing 320 litres of water to grow is an extreme and specific example, but not typical.”)Some trendy British chefs are fashioning ersatz guacamole. Thomasina Myers, cofounder of a Mexican food chain called Wahaca, has concocted a “Wahacamole” out of fava beans, lime, chili, and coriander (probably coriander leaf, i.e., cilantro, to judge from the photo). Other surrogate vegetables include British peas and zucchini (or courgettes, as they call them over there).The article irked Xavier Equihua, president ...
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