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Türkiye'deki kestane üretiminin en önemli kısmının karşılandığı Aydın v...

Türkiye'deki kestane üretiminin en önemli kısmının karşılandığı Aydın v...
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Chestnut Kernel
Environmental Issue
Supply Yield / Stock Quantity
Dec 2, 2020
From Kamu3
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yields began to fall significantly in meeting the most important part of Aydin and Izmir in Turkey chestnut trees of chestnut production. Stating that the trees have dried up despite new plantings due to both drought and chestnut branch cancer, which has not been remedied for years, the producers demanded that grafted chestnut trees be considered as fruit trees and chestnuts as agricultural products and that chestnut groves be provided with electricity and road services. Metin Yağcı, one of the chestnut traders in Aydın and İzmir Region, stated that the chestnut trees have started to demand water due to the drought in recent years, and that this year there is a deficit of approximately 30 percent in product yield. Turkey throughout the year about 60-65 thousand tons of chestnut production is that it is 20-25 thousand tons of Aydin and save Izmir is realized in the rest of the mountain in the common Oiler, "Chestnut exports in the largest market in Italy, Lebanon, France Saudi ...
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