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African swine fever is apparently still on the rise in Germany

Backhaus: ASP offenbar weiter auf dem Vormarsch
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African Swine Fever
Jul 3, 2022
From Agrar
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07/03/2022 | 11:17:00 | ID: 33484 | Department: Agriculture | animal Schwerin (agrar-PR) - After two outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) were detected in domestic pig populations in Brandenburg and Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's Minister for Climate Protection, Agriculture, Rural Areas and the Environment, Dr. Till Backhaus, to pig farms in the state: We do not know how the animal disease entered the farms in the Uckermark and Emsland. I don't want to speculate about this either, but I urge you to take all measures that can prevent people from carrying the disease into the stables. Biosecurity must have the highest priority. All attempts to bring ASF to a standstill in wild boar stocks are of little use if hygiene measures are not consistently observed in the farms. In this context, I also ask the hunters to continue to hunt wild boar with commitment. This is the only way to contain the active outbreak of the disease in the stocks. The renewed cases will lead to ...
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