Baraka: The drought that Morocco experienced in recent years forced the adaptation of the Kingdom’s water policy and gave it a new dynamism

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Published Dec 10, 2023

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The severe drought in recent years has pushed Morocco to adapt its water policy by developing seawater desalination projects and increasing the use of renewable energies. The country aims to reach 1.5 billion cubic meters of desalinated water by 2030 in order to strengthen the supply of drinking water and irrigation, while also emphasizing the use of renewable energies. The government is working on several desalination projects, linking water, energy, food, and ecosystems, and seeking support from international agencies and climate financing to address the challenges of sustainable agricultural production and climate change adaptation.
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Minister of Equipment and Water Nizar Baraka confirmed that the severe drought that the Kingdom has experienced in recent years imposed on Morocco the necessity of adapting its water policy and giving it a new dynamism, by developing more seawater desalination projects on its coasts, and resorting as much as possible to the use of renewable energies as a strategic direction. Baraka explained during A high-level session was organized on Saturday, on “The Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems Nexus: The Real Cost of Desalination, Renewable Energies and Environmental Assessment for Sustainable Agricultural Production,” at the Water Corridor by the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in coordination with the United Nations Development Program on the sidelines of (COP 28), that Morocco is working on an important water desalination program, with the aim of reaching 1.5 billion cubic meters by 2030. The Minister of Equipment and Water highlighted that the goal behind this program ...
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