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Argentina: The barley crop that, despite the drought, withstood the onslaught in the best way

Updated Mar 26, 2023
In recent years, the sown area and barley production have grown strongly. The drivers of this growth have been its consumption for animal feed, the boost of the brewing industry, the emergence of foreign demand from China and the reconfiguration of international grain trade. For the current cycle, the projected estimates for Argentine barley can be seen in the attached table of the supply and demand balance sheet. The planted area was estimated at 1.8 million hectares, 10% higher than last cycle, although production totaled 4.5 Mt with a projected average yield of 28.5 qq/ha. The 20% drop in production compared to the previous season is largely due to yields that have decreased by 28% between campaigns, and 24% compared to the average of the last five years. The cause of the loss of productivity is found in the devastating effect of the drought in Argentina, which also affected barley indicators. read also With a reduced supply due to the climatic phenomenon, the available grain ...
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