Germany: Bavaria against ban on tethering

Regulation & Compliances
Published Dec 7, 2023

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The state government in Munich is opposing proposed regulations that would ban tethering and restrict combination farming. They believe that voluntary measures, support, and advice are more effective than legal regulations. Bavaria fears that these regulations would financially impact around half of their dairy farms, potentially leading to the end of cattle farming for many businesses.
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With an initiative in the German Federal Council, the state government in Munich wants to prevent the proposed regulations. Instead of legal regulations, Munich relies on voluntariness, support and advice. Combined husbandry also threatens to be restricted A draft of an amendment to the Animal Protection Act presented by the Ministry of Agriculture in the spring stipulates that tethering should be completely banned after a transition period of five years. Combination farming should be limited to farms with a maximum of 50 cattle over six months old. From a Bavarian perspective, this threatens to cause a structural break; in Bavaria, around half of the dairy farms would be financially affected by these regulations. For many long-established businesses, this would mean the end of their cattle farming. Although Munich also believes that year-round tethering is a discontinued model. Instead of a legal ban with a ...
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