Turkey: Bayraktar warns about imitation and adulteration of olive oil sold online

Updated Sep 24, 2023
Şemsi Bayraktar, Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey (TZOB), stated that the low prices of some olive oils sold online bring to mind imitation and adulteration and said, "Our consumers should buy their oils from reliable sales points and brands." he said. In his written statement, Bayraktar emphasized that the difference in olive oil prices has attracted attention in recent days.
Bayraktar pointed out that the price of 5-liter olive oils under different names varies between 350-500 liras in internet sales and said, "In our last August price study, the producer price of olive oil purchased is 168 liras and the market price is 900 liras. The prices of 5-litre olive oils of publicly known brands range from 900 liras to 1400 liras." While olive oil prices are breaking records in Europe and Turkey due to low production, the fact that olive oil prices, especially those sold through e-commerce, are so low brings to mind imitation and adulteration. Olive oil is produced in Mediterranean countries and stands out due to the functional ingredients it contains. "It is one of the most imitated and adulterated foodstuffs." made his assessment. Bayraktar pointed out that Ayvalık and Milas olive oils have received EU geographical product registration and that the fight against imitation and adulteration continues in the domestic markets, and stated that reducing the ...
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