Netherlands: "Beautiful fennel, kohlrabi and green celery on a mobile gutter system"

Fresh Cabbage
Published Oct 20, 2020

Tridge summary

Growing on a Mobile Gutter System (MGS) is mainly known for the cultivation of leafy vegetables and herbs, but the possibilities are much wider. In the spring of 2019, an exploratory trial with celery, kohlrabi, fennel, beetroot and cabbage was set up at the Provincial Test Center for Vegetable Cultivation East Flanders vzw.

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It is clear that there are possibilities to grow alternative crops on mobile gutters, that further research is needed to optimize the cultivation technique, as the researchers conclude after the research in the context of the project East Flanders'. Fennel, kohlrabi and green celery did very well in this trial. Optimizing cultivation technique necessary Nine types of vegetables were cultivated on the (MGS) (Table 1). The purpose of this demonstrative trial was to gain a first experience and to determine which crops have potential for cultivation on mobile gutters under glass. Planting took place on March 25, 2019, the fennel and kohlrabi were harvested on May 7, 2019, all other crops on May 17, 2019. In this trial, all crops were treated equally: climate and irrigation were therefore not controlled crop-specific. A working point for the future is certainly the development of a crop-specific nutritional recipe for each of these crops, according to the researchers. "Although the EC ...
Source: AGF
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