Bulgaria: Traders offer prices below the cost price of organic honey

Published May 22, 2024

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The erratic weather, characterized by April heat followed by cold and rain, has prevented beekeepers from harvesting the season's first honey. Iliyan Stratiev, an organic honey producer from Silistra, reports that bees are consuming their stored nectar due to the adverse conditions. While his apiary in the State Hunting Farm 'Karakuz' is unaffected due to its focus on linden honey, his other apiary near Srebarna lake is struggling. Despite losing 40 bee colonies over the winter, Stratiev has set up a new apiary near Silistra. He is disappointed with the limited honey-bearing vegetation and water scarcity at his forest apiary. Stratiev and other organic beekeepers face low sales and financial difficulties, often selling honey below cost.
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The April heat, which was replaced by very cold days and rains, has had its say, and many beekeepers do not have the chance to extract the first honey. "Usually at this time we extract honey from canola, amorpha, acacia and hawthorn, but at the moment no one is mining honey in the region. As soon as the weather turns bad, the bees enter the hives and consume what they have collected," said Iliyan Stratiev from Silistra, a producer of organic honey. In his apiary, which is located on the territory of the State Hunting Farm "Karakuz", the change of weather has not had an impact, since there he mainly produces linden honey. While at the other apiary, which is near the Srebarna lake, there is a variety of vegetation from which the bees collect nectar. Although he leaves behind a difficult winter with the loss of about 40 bee colonies, Iliyan has made another apiary, which is located in a village that is close to Silistra. The reason for the change, however, is the disappointment with ...
Source: Agri
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