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France: Are beet prices attractive enough to limit the decline in surface areas?

Betteraves : des prix assez attrayants pour limiter la baisse des surfaces ?
This news article has been translated to English.
Sugar Beet
Price Trend
Environmental Issue
May 11, 2022
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If it is not upset by the war in Ukraine, the sugar market is still disturbed. As with all other raw materials, production costs are rising, both for planters and for sugar manufacturers. World prices are high but have fallen slightly compared to last month, says François Thaury, consultant at Agritel. “The context of the sugar market is not comparable to that of the grain and oilseed markets”, which are experiencing record levels. A worrying drought “In France and Europe, sowing conditions have been good, but the drought is starting to worry planters, as well as aphid pressure,” continues François Thaury. “Prices on the European market are likely to increase compared to the previous season,” he says. Will this be enough to stop the decline in beet areas, which has been observed in France for three seasons? “Faced with the remunerative prices of ...
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