Belgian inflation rises to 0.76%

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Published Dec 1, 2023

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Belgian inflation increased in November, with a rise in the consumer price index by 0.76%, mainly driven by food inflation. The inflation rate for food, including alcoholic beverages, was 8.22%, contributing 1.58 percentage points to overall inflation. In the Netherlands, the quick estimate for inflation in November was 1.6%, calculated from incomplete data, with a decrease in prices compared to October.
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In November, Belgian inflation rose from 0.36 to 0.76%. The consumer price index rose this month by 0.22 points or 0.17%. Food inflation has risen sharply in the past year. Inflation for food (including alcoholic beverages) this month is 8.22% compared to 8.98% in October. The contribution of food to inflation is currently 1.58 percentage points, Statbel reports. The most important price increases in November related, among other things, to fruit and vegetables. Core inflation, which does not take into account the price evolution of energy products and unprocessed foods, amounted to 5.95% in November, compared to 6.55% in October. Dutch inflation in November 1.6 percent in a quick estimate. In the quick estimate, Dutch inflation in November was 1.6 percent, Statistics Netherlands reports. This estimate has been calculated based on incomplete source data. In October inflation was -0.4 percent. Inflation is measured each month as the development of the consumer price index (CPI) ...
Source: AGF
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