Bicolor apple is projected in semi-commercial plantations in Chile

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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Chile, a prominent apple exporter in the Southern Hemisphere, is innovating in the face of changing climate conditions by selecting apple varieties that thrive in its unique agro-climatic zones through the Manzano Genetic Improvement Program (PMG). A standout development is the bicolor Selection 251 apple, a collaborative effort by ANA Chile®, the University of Talca, IFO, Biofrutales, and funded by Corfo. This variety is celebrated for its high yield, superior taste, and vibrant color, especially in Chile's central to central-southern regions. Slated for a semi-commercial launch in 2025, it perfectly complements the harvest timeline between Gala and Fuji apples, promising a bright future for Chile's apple industry.
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The new climatic conditions around the world are leading fruit-producing countries to look for alternatives in productive areas, to face the changes that seem inevitable. Chile - a country that continues to maintain its position as one of the main apple exporters in the Southern Hemisphere -, with the Manzano Genetic Improvement Program (PMG), has identified at least 2 that would be better adapted to the country's agro-climatic conditions. One of them is the bicolor Selection 251 apple. The Andes New Varieties Administration (ANA Chile®) reported that this apple has great appeal and its productivity reaches 80 tons per hectare. In addition, it has an excellent flavor along with an outstanding coloration in the central and central-southern areas of Chile. Along with the good results it has shown in post-harvest storage, its harvest date is interesting for producers and exporters, since it occurs in the period between Gala and Fuji. The entity detailed that Selection 251 ...
Source: MXfruit
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