Black Sea Grain conference started in Prague

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Published Feb 28, 2024

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Thomas Kopeční, the Commissioner for Ukraine’s Reconstruction from the Czech Republic, has lauded the success of Ukraine's 'grain corridors'. These corridors have been instrumental in sustaining the country's economy despite the 'Grain Deal' not working out. Kopeční underscored the global significance of Ukraine's agricultural exports, especially to Africa and the Middle East, and suggested that Ukraine's success could have far-reaching implications for the world's future.
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Thomas Kopeční, Commissioner for Ukraine’s Reconstruction, Czech Republic, welcomed the participants: “The Grain Deal is not working, but we see that thanks to the ‘grain corridors’, the Ukrainian economy is working and ships are delivering agricultural products around the world. This is a great victory for Ukraine. It is very important for the whole world, especially for the countries of Africa and the Middle East, that these cargoes from Ukraine are delivered. It is geopolitically important that agricultural products are delivered by sea. From the perspective of the Czech ...
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