Poland is second to none in blackcurrant market

Published Aug 2, 2021

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Blackcurrant is a fruit that is grown all over the world - in different countries and on different continents. For years, Poland has been a leading producer and exporter when it comes to the blackcurrant market. About 51% of these fruits in the world have Polish roots, and in the countries of the European Union as much as 56%. The history of blackcurrant cultivation in Poland can be proud of a long tradition. Its origins date back to the 50s of the 20th century.

Original content

The main purpose of starting the cultivation of blackcurrants in the now non-existent Research Institute of Pomology, located in Skierniewice, was to create our own variety that would produce higher yields than the one from abroad. At that time, several completely new varieties were obtained, which were given the Polish names: "Łódka", "Bzura", "Ner", "Dunajec", "Wisła" and "Warta". In the sixties, seventies and eighties, work continued to improve the varieties of blackcurrant, which resulted in the creation of other types of fruit - "Ceres" and "Bona". The first variety was valued primarily for the fact that it acquired resistance to the large-buddy currant - a pest, a species of mite that lives on the fruit of the currant species, especially blackcurrant. On the other hand, "Bona" is a variety that is cultivated to this day most often in lane cultivation, both in Poland and abroad. The fruit of this variety is considered to be dessert fruit, which is mainly characterized by a ...
Source: SwiatRolnika
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