Blocking the border: The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is planning a new export route along the Danube, bypassing Poland

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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Ukraine's Ministry of Infrastructure is planning to improve internal logistics and remove obstacles for exporters, with a focus on transporting containers through the lower Danube. This is due to Romania being a more predictable route than the Polish border. The move is expected to boost Ukrainian exports to pre-war levels. Current export volumes across the Danube are 1.2-1.8 million tons per month, while exports through Poland have dropped to 300 thousand tons per month due to border blockages. The ministry emphasized that Ukrainian exports, which include auto parts and processed products, do not pose a threat to Polish farmers.
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The department released a commentary by the head of the ministry, Alexander Kubrakov, about this to Bloomberg on February 21. “Our plans for this year are to remove all artificial obstacles for exporters. And we are working to improve internal logistics. We plan to transport containers through the lower Danube because Romania is “more predictable” than the Polish border,” the official said. According to Kubrakov, the additional route should increase Ukrainian exports to the level they were at the beginning of the war. Export volumes across the Danube for Ukraine are still 1.2-1.8 million tons per month. According to data released by the Ministry of Infrastructure, export volumes through Poland have now dropped to 300 thousand tons per month instead of approximately 1 million tons in 2022 due to the blocking of the border. At the same time, Kubrakov notes that Ukrainian exports do not pose a threat to Polish farmers, since they include, in addition to agricultural products, auto ...
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