Boi/Cepea: Arroba and meat prices remain under pressure in Brazil

Frozen Bone-In Beef
Market & Price Trends
Published Feb 22, 2024

Tridge summary

The post-carnival period has seen a decline in demand for both animals and meat, leading to a drop in prices and causing some refrigerators with longer scales to halt purchases. Despite this, fresh beef exports have remained strong in the first half of February, with daily shipments averaging 10.49 thousand tons. If this trend continues, exports could reach 200 thousand tons by the end of the month.
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Original content

Post-carnival demand did not react, and prices for both animals and meat remain under pressure. According to Cepea researchers, some refrigerators with longer scales were even out of purchases at the beginning of this week. In this scenario, higher prices were no longer applied, and regional averages were being readjusted negatively. On the external front, fresh beef exports registered a strong pace in the first 10 business days of February. According to data from Secex, daily shipments average 10.49 thousand tons, totaling 104.91 thousand tons already shipped in February. In the same month ...
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