Brazil remains the largest supplier of soybeans and soybean meal to China

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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Since April 2023, China has significantly increased its soybean imports, reaching approximately 99.9 million tons, with Brazil being the dominant supplier, contributing to 71.5% of the total imports. Other countries like the U.S., Argentina, Russia, and Canada also exported soybeans to China, but in much smaller quantities. In addition to soybeans, China imported over 926 thousand tons of soybean meal, with Brazil again leading as the primary source, accounting for 84% of the imports. This data underscores China's heavy reliance on Brazil for meeting its soybean and soybean meal requirements.
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China has purchased about 99.9 million tons of soybeans since the beginning of April 2023, according to data from S&P Global Commodities at Sea. In particular, during the period under review, the country received 71.4 million tons of oilseed from Brazil, which is about 71.5% of the total volume of imports of the crop to China. In addition, buyers from the Celestial Empire also actively purchased U.S. soybeans during the year, although supplies from this region are noticeably lower than from Brazil. Small batches of oilseeds were delivered to China from Argentina, Russia and Canada. According to available information, since April last year China also imported more than ...
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